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This gazetteer sets out to list cathedrals, abbeys, churches, chapels, museums and other sites mainly in Britain and France which have interesting collections of church monuments or in some cases one outstanding monument. The gazetteer is profusely illustrated with photographs, drawings and diagrams. Brief descriptions and information is also given about the monuments as well as links to other sites, sometimes the church's own site. For Britain the list is given by county but, for ease of reference, these are the 'old' counties set in print, if not in stone, by Pevsner in the Buildings of England, Wales and Scotland series, where the most complete list of church monuments may be found.
There appears to be no equivalent to Pevsner in France but I have used as an initial guide the long out of print series Les Eglises de France although this series does not pay as much attention to monuments as does Pevsner.  The churches are listed according to region, department and commune, that is, not following Les Eglises de France.
Other European countries are included but not much work has yet been carried out here.
Please note that this work is forever in progress and will expand progressively. It will also have its errors and omissions attended to: do please point them out to me. This gazetter is part of the Church Monuments Society's website although for clarity this is only listed on this index page. It is looked after by a former publicity officer of that society who welcomes suggestions, ving errors and omissions pointed out and especially more photographs; the latter will, of course, be acknowledged. Please do not contact the Society's e-mail address for this purpose but rather:

Click on the links below to access the various pages. Note the the last updates are noted and the latest marked in red. Those currently being worked on shown in green.
Bedfordshire 03-02-14 One church added: several monuments  
Berkshire 21-10-14 Several more photographs added  
Buckinghamshire 13-10-14 One monument added  
Bristol 01-10-12 St James' Priory added  
Cambridgeshire 28-12-12 Section on Isleham revised with new photographs  
Cheshire 08-10-12 One church with several monuments added.  
Cornwall 23-09-13 Several Monuments - including those in Truro Cathedral - added. In progress  
Derbyshire 15-04-13 Several monuments added  
Dorset 24-02-13 Several churches and many monuments added  
Devon 18-10-14 One church added  
County Durham 21-10-11 New but few monuments at the moment  
Essex 13-10-14  One brass added  
Gloucestershire 17-05-13 Tewkesbury Abbey - many more monuments added.  
Hampshire 18-10-14  One church added  
Herefordshire 01-11-13 Three churches added  
Hertfordshire 25-10-10 Two new churches and and site reorganised  
Kent 03-03-13 Many new churches and monuments added  
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Leicestershire  03-02-14 One church added  
Lincolnshire   03-02-14 One church added  
London - The City
& General Introduction
20-05-13 Section of the Temple Church enlarged. St Paul's Catheral added (in progress) Click here for direct link  
London - Wandsworth    
London - Westminster   A selection of monuments in St Margaret's added  
London - Kensington & Chelsea 05-10-12  Monuments held by the Victoria & Albert Museum In progress  
Northamptonshire 14-09-12 One early monument added - cross legged knight  
Northumberland 18-10-14 Several  monuments added  
Nottinghamshire 04-01-14 One church added  
Norfolk 10-02-14 Several churches added
A useful on-line guide produced by the Diocese of Norwich may be found here
Oxfordshire 04-01-14 A correction: Spelbury  
Shropshire 13-10-14  Bronze equestrian statue added  
Staffordshire 24-10-14 Several churches and monuments added  
Somerset   Some mouments from Bath Abbey added  
Suffolk 10-02-14 Several churches added  
Surrey 21-09-13  2 churches - many monuments added  
Sussex 19-01-13 One monument only added  
Warwickshire 22-05-11 Photographs from Aston added  
Westmoreland   under construction - a few photographs only  
Wiltshire 23-03-14  Several churches added  
Worcestershire 17-02-14  Several churches and monuments added  
Yorkshire: East Riding & York  ---12-2009 Expanded - York Minster     
Yorkshire: NorthRiding 12-10-14 Several monuments added  
Yorkshire: West Riding  04-02-14 Two churches added

revised 11-01-10

Wales has now been divided into the country's several counties. However, for the ease of cross reference, I have followed the Pevsner arrangement of the 'old' counties. Clwyd, for example, is divided into the 'old' counties of Flintshire and Denbighshire
Denbighshire 30-08-12  Several churches and many monuments of all periods added  


This section has now been revised: I have begun to  split the country is into its several regions to give one page per region at the moment. I have - somewhat illogically - included Burgundy with Normandy at the moment because of the limited number of monuments I have recorded in the former. Revision will continue as new material is added. 21 - 07 - 11
Centre 27-08-12  One weathered monument added  
Pays de la Loire 19-01-13  A head and a trunk added.  
Ile de France 17-06-12  A little further information added  
Brittany 21-10-12  Several more monuments added (mainly medieval)  
Burgundy & Normandy 16-06-12  Now separated from the Brittany page. Some details added  
Poitou-Charentes 29-04-14  One church added in Deux-Sèvres: one effigy, one fragment  


Venice 11-11-12  New  
Europe (rest of)
  03-07-07 A small collection of photographs taken in the Low Countries and Germany by Dr John Physick)  

Dr Jean Wilson   Monuments to the Translators of the Authorised Version of the Bible - the King James Bible.  
J  Bromilow MInspP   Monuments to the Regicides - in preparation